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Frequently Asked Questions


Who performs my scan or ultrasound procedure?

All scans are done only by board certified Ob-Gyn sonologist &/or maternal fetal medicine specialists


Does the performing Ob-Gyn sonologist interprets the result for me?

All results will be written in the official report and interpretation will be done by your attending physician.

Our sonologists do not interpret nor comment anything about the results except in special situations.

If the sonologist see any need to report results to your attending physician, he or she will call your doctor personally.


How long is the ultrasound procedure?

Routine scans usually take 10-15 minutes but special scans and procedures or those with unexpected complications or lengthy reports or reports takes longer time.


Do you need ultrasound request from my doctor?

If you have your request from your doctor, kindly bring it with you as the staff and sonologist checks on it before the procedure although we also accept those without ultrasound request especially for 3D and 4D ultrasound. You just tell us what ultrasound procedure you would need to have.


Is ultrasound safe for my baby?

The safety of ultrasound on pregnancy has been studied for over 40 years and has not been shown to cause any harm to the mother and fetus regardless of the type of ultrasound procedure and frequency of the scan. We suggest you discuss this with your attending OB- GYN doctor.


Can I bring my husband or companion during the ultrasound procedure?

Before the pandemic, we normally allow the husband plus one or two companions to enter the center so they can view your baby in a large wall mounted HD screen monitor. But now, safety protocols for COVID 19 would allow ONLY the patient to come inside the center.


How do I book my appointment? Do you accept walk in?

Booking your appointment is highly advised and recommended to guarantee your slot. Walk in may be allowed provided there are still available slots for the day.

You may book appointment through the following

  1. Our facebook page Go to Facebook
  2. By calling or texting our mobile numbers Go to contact page
  3. Personally at our center through our receptionist

Keep in mind that although you may have booked an appointment with a specific time slot, it may be subject to changes like a delay as there are ultrasound procedures that may unexpectedly take longer time due to complications, technical difficulties or findings. We beg for your patience on these instances.

We will also notify you in case of changes or cancellation of appointments as our Ob-Gyn doctors also attends to unexpected emergency calls.


Do you accept HMOs or health cards?

No, we are on cash basis only and no HMOs available.


Do you accept online payment, credit and debit cards?

We are currently working on installing credit and debit card terminals. GCash is accepted as of the moment